Pineapple Momma Planning And Design Recaps

Have you ever wondered what actually goes into planning a remodel? Where to start and how to dive in? It may seem like an overwhelming process initially, but that's why we're here through the whole planning design phase! Our job at Oak Arrow Homes is to pace the design process and guide you each step of the way! One of our sweet clients, Monica, has documented our design process with her home from the start which you can read about below.  We are nearly complete on the design and construction details so her renovation process is as smooth as possible.  Keep scrolling and click each of her posts to see the in-depth planning and design phase.

Pineapple Momma MAY RECAP

Monica and Joe did not anticipate doing their remodel so soon, but due to covid chaos and quarantine, stars aligned and it was time to jump in! If you’ve been following along on @pineapplemomma on Instagram, you know it’s been a busy month of planning! Click HERE to read about the home renovation planning recap for the month of May!


There are so many decisions to make in a home renovation. We love to start with lighting since it can so often set a tone for the space.  Monica, like many of our clients can start to visualize an overall style for each space individually and then see its more clear vision of the project in its entirety once we have the lighting front runners picked. Click HERE to read how she made her final choices for the main floor.

Featured below are the lights that were chosen for the main level. Hopefully it gives you inspiration as you plan lighting for your home.


Another month into designing and planning with @pineapplemomma and here’s the scoop! It’s been a little bit of a slower month in terms of meeting and planning. It’s definitely the calm before the storm!  Behind the scenes were busy working through all the fine details with our team of talented trades and vendor partners.

Paint, countertops, and lighting were all finalized this month! For the countertops they decided to go with a gorgeous stone from Universal Stone. After looking into all the options of stone and their maintenance and cost, we felt quartz was the best option for them! Click HERE to read about the home renovation planning recap for the month of June!




Remodelers Showcase Tour

Remodelers Showcase

Parade of Homes Tour

Since we can’t share all about this project over the parade weekend we wanted to share all we could here instead!  We are going to post some stories and background on this project over the next few weeks that we hope you enjoy! 

Our Family 

We met these homeowners 7 years ago when they were looking to remodel a different home they were in.  The house was near Hwy 62 and despite considering a large project the house still wouldn’t really get them what they were looking for.  So they decided to look for a different home. 7 years later they found it!  

The Home

Our usual whole house remodel involves gutting major spaces and adding to the footprint.  The house had gone through a significant remodel in the early 2000’s and they did a really nice job. They used high quality cabinetry and created a really nice layout and overall flow.  So the main objective was to change the look and feel of the spaces and tweak the function to better fit our families needs.  



The homeowners kept saying when we walked through the first time they really wanted to make it their own.  They didn’t mind the natural woodwork but really wanted to update and refresh the space. The challenge was to transform the space on a major scale while incorporating existing finishes that were going to be left.  We debated how much of the cabinetry to paint and since we were leaving much of the trim work we decided to paint all the cabinets.  



This project was very smooth from start to finish.  It took about 8 weeks to complete. We order nearly all the products in the early production stage to avoid delays.  We also weren’t sold on the pendant light we originally chose so this gave us time to look at the ones we ordered and ultimately swap them out since they weren’t the right fit for the space.  We went with the gold liner and gold hardware to tie in with the gold in the existing granite.  

Settling In

This home is filled with soft grays and linens but don’t let that fool you!  The rugs are indoor/outdoor along with the drapes and the fabrics are all stain resistant.  With 4 boys and a new puppy the house had to be livable and comfortable! They hosted a wedding shower a few weeks after we finished and the house was put to the test. The party was a success and there have been many family dinners since!  


If you are frustrated with your home and want to talk with us please send me an email and check out this post from one of our clients who shared her experience working with us on her blog - Part 1 & Part 2

More to come, friend! 


Pineapple Momma Guest Post Part 2


Oak And Arrow Homes Large Scale Renovation

A few weeks ago we met with Samantha at Oak and Arrow homes to start discussing our large scale renovation. You can read about the first part of that process HERE.

Again, this is all so overwhelming to me, even walking into this second meeting those feeling still arose. It’s such a large project! How can anyone handle it?! Well, Samantha can – thank goodness! Here is how it all went down and what our next steps are!

Phase Two : The Concepts

Of course, as per usual Samantha presented her thoughts in a digestible way! First showing us one of the two concepts. This included many of the items we discussed during our initial walk through. She talked us through each room in the renovation and covered the options we had discussed at the meet and greet. Through this she gave Joe and I space to discuss and ask questions to her and to each other. We did this again with a second floor plan option. She makes multiple options for a couple of reason, one being we talked about more than one option for some spaces, the other is budget. Some options cost more so she presents to you – options! Samantha explained that typically they land at a hybrid of the options presented. Again, it really comes down to the needs of the space within the budget and Samantha can walk you through every step of those decisions.

Oak And Arrow Homes Large Scale Renovation

The Mood Board

Now this is the portion of the meeting I was excited about, the Mood Board!! Samantha pulled images along with their sources to give us an idea for the design vision. Which – Samantha did an amazing job here. I told Samantha I wanted to go as modern as possible with our home but with Parisian touches. Joe looked exasperated when I said that to Samantha at our meet and greet, but Samantha smiled and nodded then made the perfect Mood Board. Girl just gets me. 🙂

Oak And Arrow Homes Large Scale Renovation

Samantha also chatted materials in this portion of our meeting. She talked about a variety of materials and their price points. Moving forward we would have a more specific selection meeting but it was great to hear her wide range of knowledge here. I mentioned I didn’t like surfaces that didn’t look smooth – she immediately knew which ones not even to present to me and instead told me three others I could chose from. Again, girl gets me and I love that I can count on her to have this plethora of knowledge!

The B word; Budget

After going over the options and mood board we started to talk the B word. Budget. This is the part that overwhelms me the most! But again, Samantha broke everything down room by room, item by item. Which by the way, she even had on the list in the kitchen to add a pot filler. I forgot I even mentioned that to her – and she caught it and put it on the list!

We walked through each item and Samantha gave us an initial estimate. For our entire main level she gave us a range and again, options. If we chose high end finishes and went all out we could go upwards of 200k. If we chose wisely and re-used some items and with her help, she estimated we could budget closer to 150K. Which, she shoots for under that to give us wiggle room should an unexpected event arise. She told us what was realistic, what was fine to re-use, where we could splurge more and where we could save. This was extremely helpful!! Being this is my most challenging spot – I am yet again, so thankful for her expertise here. Being we have other updates to do to our house as well, we want to be wise about how we spend and I honestly wouldn’t be able to do that without Samantha’s guidance.


From that point Samantha also discusses financing options and where she is able to connect you with what resources you need for securing financing and what that looks like.


We also got the estimated timeline for our large scale renovation project. Again, Samantha is realistic in this, she knows how this all works and gave us a realistic timeline of four months from start to finish. Again, keep in mind this is our entire main level!! Samantha recommends that her clients move out during the renovation process, but if that’s not possible they make it work. Oak and Arrow does their absolute best to tape off construction zones as well as use all natural cleaners to keep the renovation as clean and healthy as possible DURING the renovation. We would hopefully be able to move out, but if not, I sincerely trust Samantha to do her best to make it as comfortable as possible for us.

Next Steps

The next steps at this point are really up to Joe and I. We anticipated doing this renovation in a 1-2 years. Now more than ever though, being quarantined in our home, I am ready to start hammering out the backsplash and mudroom floors – TODAY! However, because of the timeline and with the current economic conditions….well, being quarantined for the foreseeable future, we hope to start the renovation as soon as we’re able. In my mind, I am hoping for next winter, January or February 2021. But again, being the climate what it is, we’ll all just have to stay tuned!!

It truly has never been more important to me than now, to enjoy coming home. I am so looking forward to having the opportunity (when the time comes) to make our dreams for our home a reality with Samantha and her team at Oak and Arrow Homes. If you’re considering a renovation, truly, I can’t recommend her enough. This process with her has made this overwhelming project turn from “oh my goodness” to “I can’t wait to get started!” I completely trust her to gift us with ‘The Joy of Coming Home!’

Head to her site HERE to check out her work and all she offers!




Pineapple Momma Guest Post

Guest Post Featuring @Pineapplemomma

Starting a renovation is exciting but we understand that it can also be an overwhelming task!  If you are curious about how we start the renovation process check out our time with Monica.  Monica and her husband Joe are considering a renovation of the main floor.  She has been gracious enough to share all about the experience from a homeowner's perspective.  She goes through the entire process of our Meet & Greet and Concept Plan Package and lets you know everything you can expect.
Check out the first half of her home story HERE.


Oak Arrow Homes Renovation Process



Joe and I purchased a short sale home about four years ago. Being our home was built in 1999 it was on the cusp of brass and faux painting, which means it could use more than a little updated love. It could also use an upgrade in the function, especially on the main level. I have had the hardest time with our home because it’s just a touch beyond a few cosmetic updates and it all leaves me feeling confused on where to start and frankly, completely overwhelmed.

When Samantha from Oak and Arrow first reached out and explained what she does, she explained that her mission is to make homeowners “love coming home.” I thought, “Oh goodness, this is just what I need!” because right now I enter our mudroom everyday frustrated and again, overwhelmed.

Samantha has a background in architecture, so that’s the first thing that makes Oak and Arrow different and drew me to this particular starting point. Because of her background she is able to take you from start to finish with a large scale renovation. Which again, because I’m so overwhelmed, is extremely appealing to me. We’re looking at a fairly large project, hello whole main level because everything is connected can of worms type of situation. I need someone to walk me through this whole process, and she’s willing to do just that.

The Meet and Greet

Samantha and I had an initial conversation over the phone where we chatted (again) about how overwhelmed I am. We touched on a few of the problem spaces, what I was hoping to get out of our time together and then we scheduled a time for here to come out to the house.

After the initial phone call, which is approx. 30 min or so, Samantha came out to the house to take some measurements and walk our home. This is the point that I let her be as she walks around and gets her bearings on the home.

Oak Arrow Homes Renovation Process

Next, you take her on a tour of your home and explain your problem areas. Again, her goal is to make you thrive in your home. Having that goal in mind allows her to see the best in your home. She explained to me that it’s not always about changing the footprint, rather it’s about being able to see what’s going to make the space most efficient. I really appreciated that, as well as the fact that during this tour she was able to offer ideas on the fly. Ideas that we hadn’t considered in the FOUR years staring at these frustrating spaces. It honestly gave me a slight jolt of excitement and I started to feel a tiny bit less overwhelmed about the renovation process.

This meet and greet session is typically about an hour and a half or so, maybe less, maybe a smidge more if you’ve got a whole main level to renovate like we do!! Samantha then takes ALL you have to say and gets to work!

Continue reading more HERE





Coastal Master Suite Reveal

Get ready for some impressive before & after shots!!

The Story:

Our fabulous clients spend time in Hawaii every winter and wanted to bring that beachy, coastal vibe back to Minnesota.   She had her closet in the basement so the remodel started with the need for a walk in closet upstairs and we delivered (see below!!!)  The attic had low ceilings and all the usual problems of 1920's attics - freezing in the winter and steamy in the summer.  Ice dams all winter long and no storage.

Here are some shots of the home before the remodel.

The Project:

We tore off the second floor of this St. Paul bungalow and added a full second floor addition.  The space included a fresh master bathroom and trendy bedroom.  His and Her's closets that we all can be jealous of!

The Details:

From a design standpoint our clients wanted to have some fun. We chose a cable railing and barn doors but kept a classic base trim detail to tie in with the main floor.  We went with a floating vanity and all the walls are white so the details really pop.  And check out the wallpaper our client found.


Our clients loved the upstairs so much we are now in the deep into planning a full main floor renovation!  Keep an eye on insta for progress pics this winter!

Chowen Bungalow Before & After

To really appreciate our Chowen Bungalow you MUST see the before picture!  These homeowners have been loving every minute they have been back in there home.  It is now a cozy get-a-way and they each have space to themselves to enjoy.

The Story:

Our clients were newly retired and in need of a home they could stay comfortable in long term.  She loves to cook and read while he has many hobbies.  They each wanted there own room along with comfortable space to spend time together.

So you can appreciate the transformation here are some before pictures!

The Project:

The house was in rough shape mainly due to its age.  It was an early 1920's bungalow and it needed attention.  We decided to add an addition off the back to allow for a new kitchen and main floor master suite.  We added a second floor addition so they could have a comfortable space for guests to come and stay and a bright and sunny reading room.

The Details:

This home had some charming character we didn't want to loose so we restored much of the existing oak woodwork and added some new to tie the old and new.

Spring 2019 Showcase Home Reveal

Spring is here and that means we have a beautiful whole house remodel to share on the Parade of Home's Remodelers Showcase this weekend!  We wanted to share some pictures of this beautiful home but they don't do it justice.  The home will be open Friday - Sunday from Noon to 6pm.  We will be there giving tours and sharing more about the home and how we went from a REAL fixer upper to this beauty!

You would never know from the curb we added a new second floor and addition off the back! We maintained the charm of this home while adding a main-floor master suite, 3 additional bedrooms, and all new bathrooms. A sun-filled second-floor reading room is her favorite spot in the home with wall-to-wall windows and for him a cozy office to continue his passion for photography. The kitchen was designed around her love of cooking and entertaining. A beautifully landscaped outdoor space completes this home.

The kitchen is stunning and a must see! We used appliances with a black finish which is a first for us.  It's a nice change from stainless steal and we loved how they look.

This whole house remodel included 3 new bathrooms and a complete gut to an existing bathroom.

We love this corner of the kitchen!  The beverage area is perfect for serving drinks to guests while serving up some hors d'oeuvres.

This was a 1920's home and the homeowners loved the character in the existing home so we lovingly restored woodwork and added trim details so the new and old seamlessly flowed through the house.

This corner in the loft is part of the new addition.  Stop by to see the amazing transformation the second floor when through during this remodel!

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about our unique process please reach out!

Sneak peek at our latest new home!

We are excited to share our latest new home that is now available.  We have had a lot of fun pulling all the selections and designs together for this beautiful home.  We chose a modern lake home feel throughout with some coastal elements here and there.  Here are some of our idea boards for the home!

This home is slated to start Summer 2018.  The home will include 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 3,660 sf.

Only blocks from the creek and Minneapolis lakes, this charming home has a design tailored to an active family.  The modern lake home theme is woven into all the details throughout this home.  We will be sharing a sneak peek at the floor plan and interior selection this weekend.  Lots of pre-listing incentives are available!  Contact us for more details.

Here is the short list of great features in this home:

  • Open concept kitchen & living room
  • Large sliding glass door to patio
  • Mudroom with bench built-in and communication dock
  • Formal dining room
  • Private office on the main floor
  • Outdoor living space
  • Daylight flooding nearly every room
  • Master Suite with pedestal tub and large walk-in closet
  • 2 Additional bedrooms on the second floor
  • Kids' bathroom with separate shower room
  • Basement includes a large family room and storage room
  • 2 lower level bedrooms and 3/4 bathroom

Check out our Instagram stories to follow along as we build this beauty! We can't wait to get started!

This home is currently pre-listed at $825,000

Town Home Reveal

The Project

We remodeled a 1980s town home that had a boxy layout. The traffic patterns in the space were all off due to wall and furniture placements. When working with smaller spaces, we try to maximize the footprint as much as possible. The result was an open and airy first floor. Now, the homeowner can have a conversation with guests that are a room (or two) apart! 

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Master Bedroom 

The Master Bathroom

Before the Remodel 

Bye, bye walls - hello open kitchen. The kitchen had a horrible suspension and was all walled off. We opened up the kitchen to the main living room and it made a world of difference! We wanted to make it more spacious and give it an airy feel. Better lighting and room to maneuver is essential in this area. We added a built-in microwave in maximize the space even further.

We created a cozy reading nook off the kitchen were the dining room used to be. We moved the formal dining to the front room to allow a nice open great room feel in the back of the town home. This is a better layout for entertaining because it allows overflow space for guests to comfortably spread out. 

We updated the master suite by gutting everything and installing all new tile, fixtures, vanities, and more.

We are really happy with how this project turned out and hope the homeowners have many years of fond memories in this newly designed space. Thanks for following along! Let us know your tricks for maximizing your space. Storage? Furniture layout? Lighting? We want to know! Send us your questions or comments.




a graphic of products used in a mudroom

Kitchen Spotlight - 5 Mudroom Design Tips

Adding a mudroom near an exterior door has its perks! However, if it becomes a free-for-all, the space can quickly get dirty and unorganized. Here are some of our tips for keeping your mudroom a functional area while not compromising the style of your home.

1. CONSIDER TRAFFIC PATTERNS: It's a high-use space with lots going on. The last thing you want is to be tripping over your kid's shoes or laundry baskets. Make sure there is plenty of space where it's needed. We have a bench for kids to sit to put shoes on and room by the washer to fold clothes and set in the laundry basket - it definitely comes in handy!

A photo of shoes

2. SPEND A LITTLE MORE TO CUSTOMIZE: It's worth it in a space you spend a considerable amount of time in. Here, we designed a standing work station for mail and a couple junk drawers, and below the pup could be tucked away in his kennel out of the way. Mom and dad love the space they have for going through mail...the pup doesn't mind it either!

A photo of a clean white/bright homeA photo of a countertop

3. USE DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN PRODUCTS: No where else in the house is this more important. We used a commercial grade Mannington flooring that can take a beating and still look brand new. I especially love that LVT doesn't have lines to keep clean.

a graphic of products used in a mudroom

Sherwin Williams, HanStone Quartz, Amerock Hardware, and Metrie products made this mudroom possible!

4. UTILIZE EVERY INCH OF SPACE: Odd spaces make for great storage. We had a room that was created under the new stairs that functions perfectly as a walk-in closet for coats and pantry foods. We also added upper cabinets over the washer/dryer and work station for more convenient storage.

A photo of a closet

A washer and dryer photo

5. KEEP THE LOOK ON PAR WITH THE HOUSE: Just because it's an utilitarian space doesn't mean it needs to be treated like a locker room. We added some architectural detail around the stairs, a fun checkered pattern on the floor, and beautiful custom cabinets all to keep this space connected aesthetically to the rest of the house.

A photo of a dog

We hope these tips help!