By Samantha Grose, designer for JP&CO and Optima Homes


Make every evening or weekend spent at home this summer feel like a getaway by revamping your home’s outdoor living areas. Upgrading your porch or patio is relatively easy and inexpensive, and the payoff is huge. With the right setup and additions, you’ll soon find yourself spending as much time as you can outside, whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or a festive soirée.

There are a few different things to consider before your dive into your patio project:

Your Home’s Style

The style of your outdoor living areas should mesh with the vibe of your interior. To create cohesion, pick a color from your interior’s palette, a piece of furniture, or a swatch of fabric to use as a guiding inspiration for your outdoor space.

Your Interests

Let the activities you enjoy guide you as you contemplate the layout and furniture for your area. Think of this project as an opportunity to create the perfect area for your interests. If cooking and dining alfresco is on the top of your list, center your design on facilitating it. Consider adding a counter, buffet, built-in grill, or generous size dining table for dinner prep and dining.

If quiet activities like reading, enjoying a cup of tea, or napping are in store for your outdoor space, let the creation of peace and comfort guide your design. Stock up on furniture that begs to be lounged on, piles of rugs and pillow, and even a hammock or swinging daybed.d52d8733eaf0cb24a82b0a471470ca5c


Choose low-maintenance furniture designed to survive the elements with grace. In smaller areas, lightweight items that can be moved easily to accommodate more seating or activities are great. Remember that people feel most at ease in square seating arrangements that facilitate conversation. In covered outdoor areas, consider adding a durable rug to unify a space and add a touch of additional comfort.

A Mix of Lighting

When it comes to the perfect lighting, options are essential. Consider installing overhead lighting with dimmers, adding accent lights, light strands, lanterns, and candles for a mix of choices. To combat excessive rays during the summer days, mount attractive shades, curtains, or patio umbrellas. Pergolas, shade sails, and trees are also great ways to protect seating areas from the sun’s heat.


Porches and patios are enjoyable because they offer the comfort of inside with the beauty and relaxation of outside. Items like vines, potted plants, fresh-cut flowers, and even mirrors can be used to attractively muddle the line between your home and the outdoors. Another soothing addition is a fountain or pond—everyone enjoys hearing the sound of flowing water.


I hope that some of these tips help to spark some inspiration for your outdoor space this summer! If you’re interested in spiffing up your home for hosting, relaxing, and fun, feel free to contact JP&CO to learn how we can help!


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