Have you ever wondered what actually goes into planning a remodel? Where to start and how to dive in? It may seem like an overwhelming process initially, but that’s why we’re here through the whole planning design phase! Our job at Oak Arrow Homes is to pace the design process and guide you each step of the way! One of our sweet clients, Monica, has documented our design process with her home from the start which you can read about below.  We are nearly complete on the design and construction details so her renovation process is as smooth as possible.  Keep scrolling and click each of her posts to see the in-depth planning and design phase.

Pineapple Momma MAY RECAP

Monica and Joe did not anticipate doing their remodel so soon, but due to covid chaos and quarantine, stars aligned and it was time to jump in! If you’ve been following along on @pineapplemomma on Instagram, you know it’s been a busy month of planning! Click HERE to read about the home renovation planning recap for the month of May!


There are so many decisions to make in a home renovation. We love to start with lighting since it can so often set a tone for the space.  Monica, like many of our clients can start to visualize an overall style for each space individually and then see its more clear vision of the project in its entirety once we have the lighting front runners picked. Click HERE to read how she made her final choices for the main floor.

Featured below are the lights that were chosen for the main level. Hopefully it gives you inspiration as you plan lighting for your home.


Another month into designing and planning with @pineapplemomma and here’s the scoop! It’s been a little bit of a slower month in terms of meeting and planning. It’s definitely the calm before the storm!  Behind the scenes were busy working through all the fine details with our team of talented trades and vendor partners.

Paint, countertops, and lighting were all finalized this month! For the countertops they decided to go with a gorgeous stone from Universal Stone. After looking into all the options of stone and their maintenance and cost, we felt quartz was the best option for them! Click HERE to read about the home renovation planning recap for the month of June!