Oak And Arrow Homes Large Scale Renovation

A few weeks ago we met with Samantha at Oak and Arrow homes to start discussing our large scale renovation. You can read about the first part of that process HERE.

Again, this is all so overwhelming to me, even walking into this second meeting those feeling still arose. It’s such a large project! How can anyone handle it?! Well, Samantha can – thank goodness! Here is how it all went down and what our next steps are!

Phase Two : The Concepts

Of course, as per usual Samantha presented her thoughts in a digestible way! First showing us one of the two concepts. This included many of the items we discussed during our initial walk through. She talked us through each room in the renovation and covered the options we had discussed at the meet and greet. Through this she gave Joe and I space to discuss and ask questions to her and to each other. We did this again with a second floor plan option. She makes multiple options for a couple of reason, one being we talked about more than one option for some spaces, the other is budget. Some options cost more so she presents to you – options! Samantha explained that typically they land at a hybrid of the options presented. Again, it really comes down to the needs of the space within the budget and Samantha can walk you through every step of those decisions.

Oak And Arrow Homes Large Scale Renovation

The Mood Board

Now this is the portion of the meeting I was excited about, the Mood Board!! Samantha pulled images along with their sources to give us an idea for the design vision. Which – Samantha did an amazing job here. I told Samantha I wanted to go as modern as possible with our home but with Parisian touches. Joe looked exasperated when I said that to Samantha at our meet and greet, but Samantha smiled and nodded then made the perfect Mood Board. Girl just gets me. 🙂

Oak And Arrow Homes Large Scale Renovation

Samantha also chatted materials in this portion of our meeting. She talked about a variety of materials and their price points. Moving forward we would have a more specific selection meeting but it was great to hear her wide range of knowledge here. I mentioned I didn’t like surfaces that didn’t look smooth – she immediately knew which ones not even to present to me and instead told me three others I could chose from. Again, girl gets me and I love that I can count on her to have this plethora of knowledge!

The B word; Budget

After going over the options and mood board we started to talk the B word. Budget. This is the part that overwhelms me the most! But again, Samantha broke everything down room by room, item by item. Which by the way, she even had on the list in the kitchen to add a pot filler. I forgot I even mentioned that to her – and she caught it and put it on the list!

We walked through each item and Samantha gave us an initial estimate. For our entire main level she gave us a range and again, options. If we chose high end finishes and went all out we could go upwards of 200k. If we chose wisely and re-used some items and with her help, she estimated we could budget closer to 150K. Which, she shoots for under that to give us wiggle room should an unexpected event arise. She told us what was realistic, what was fine to re-use, where we could splurge more and where we could save. This was extremely helpful!! Being this is my most challenging spot – I am yet again, so thankful for her expertise here. Being we have other updates to do to our house as well, we want to be wise about how we spend and I honestly wouldn’t be able to do that without Samantha’s guidance.


From that point Samantha also discusses financing options and where she is able to connect you with what resources you need for securing financing and what that looks like.


We also got the estimated timeline for our large scale renovation project. Again, Samantha is realistic in this, she knows how this all works and gave us a realistic timeline of four months from start to finish. Again, keep in mind this is our entire main level!! Samantha recommends that her clients move out during the renovation process, but if that’s not possible they make it work. Oak and Arrow does their absolute best to tape off construction zones as well as use all natural cleaners to keep the renovation as clean and healthy as possible DURING the renovation. We would hopefully be able to move out, but if not, I sincerely trust Samantha to do her best to make it as comfortable as possible for us.

Next Steps

The next steps at this point are really up to Joe and I. We anticipated doing this renovation in a 1-2 years. Now more than ever though, being quarantined in our home, I am ready to start hammering out the backsplash and mudroom floors – TODAY! However, because of the timeline and with the current economic conditions….well, being quarantined for the foreseeable future, we hope to start the renovation as soon as we’re able. In my mind, I am hoping for next winter, January or February 2021. But again, being the climate what it is, we’ll all just have to stay tuned!!

It truly has never been more important to me than now, to enjoy coming home. I am so looking forward to having the opportunity (when the time comes) to make our dreams for our home a reality with Samantha and her team at Oak and Arrow Homes. If you’re considering a renovation, truly, I can’t recommend her enough. This process with her has made this overwhelming project turn from “oh my goodness” to “I can’t wait to get started!” I completely trust her to gift us with ‘The Joy of Coming Home!’

Head to her site HERE to check out her work and all she offers!