Guest Post Featuring @Pineapplemomma

Starting a renovation is exciting but we understand that it can also be an overwhelming task!  If you are curious about how we start the renovation process check out our time with Monica.  Monica and her husband Joe are considering a renovation of the main floor.  She has been gracious enough to share all about the experience from a homeowner’s perspective.  She goes through the entire process of our Meet & Greet and Concept Plan Package and lets you know everything you can expect.
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Oak Arrow Homes Renovation Process



Joe and I purchased a short sale home about four years ago. Being our home was built in 1999 it was on the cusp of brass and faux painting, which means it could use more than a little updated love. It could also use an upgrade in the function, especially on the main level. I have had the hardest time with our home because it’s just a touch beyond a few cosmetic updates and it all leaves me feeling confused on where to start and frankly, completely overwhelmed.

When Samantha from Oak and Arrow first reached out and explained what she does, she explained that her mission is to make homeowners “love coming home.” I thought, “Oh goodness, this is just what I need!” because right now I enter our mudroom everyday frustrated and again, overwhelmed.

Samantha has a background in architecture, so that’s the first thing that makes Oak and Arrow different and drew me to this particular starting point. Because of her background she is able to take you from start to finish with a large scale renovation. Which again, because I’m so overwhelmed, is extremely appealing to me. We’re looking at a fairly large project, hello whole main level because everything is connected can of worms type of situation. I need someone to walk me through this whole process, and she’s willing to do just that.

The Meet and Greet

Samantha and I had an initial conversation over the phone where we chatted (again) about how overwhelmed I am. We touched on a few of the problem spaces, what I was hoping to get out of our time together and then we scheduled a time for here to come out to the house.

After the initial phone call, which is approx. 30 min or so, Samantha came out to the house to take some measurements and walk our home. This is the point that I let her be as she walks around and gets her bearings on the home.

Oak Arrow Homes Renovation Process

Next, you take her on a tour of your home and explain your problem areas. Again, her goal is to make you thrive in your home. Having that goal in mind allows her to see the best in your home. She explained to me that it’s not always about changing the footprint, rather it’s about being able to see what’s going to make the space most efficient. I really appreciated that, as well as the fact that during this tour she was able to offer ideas on the fly. Ideas that we hadn’t considered in the FOUR years staring at these frustrating spaces. It honestly gave me a slight jolt of excitement and I started to feel a tiny bit less overwhelmed about the renovation process.

This meet and greet session is typically about an hour and a half or so, maybe less, maybe a smidge more if you’ve got a whole main level to renovate like we do!! Samantha then takes ALL you have to say and gets to work!

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